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Outstanding web page!

Outstanding page! My students and I wanted to drop you a line and tell you that your web page,, is awesome. While helping my students with an extra credit assignment, they found your website, along with many other great websites, while surfing the great google search engine. :)

It's fascinating the amount of websites that are logged in the WWW. As a class we found plenty of resources to help my students with their extra credit. My students are currently working on an extra credit assignment on butterflies. One web page in particular that they found useful is this article on butterflies - . It has many resources as well as how to start a butterfly garden! Pretty neat.

I actually have one student who wants to go to school to be a lepidopterist. How wonderful! The upsetting thing is she has expressed to me how she has some doubts. As she thinks it may be a hard career. Do you think you could add the butterfly article to your page? I'd like to give her some credit for suggesting this article to you. I know any support would give her a boost of confidence.

Our new canvas

I really love this canvas entitled Aldbury Nowers. The stile in the forefront immediately drew my attention. I wanted to sit on it to admire the woodland landscape or better still climb over and walk down into the beautiful Hertfordshire valley.
Mrs Sarah R. from Hertfordshire



I just love your pictures. I work for a french magazine. I would like to know if you sell your pictures in France.

Best Catherine
catherine Delvaux


I love your new website; you have succeeded in presenting your work attractively. I look forward to seeing more of your work here. Congratulations.
Alan D

Superb work

Dear Elizabeth,
It's beautiful ! Tidy presentation, of your beautiful captures. Excellent work !
Anuj Nair

nice site

Good layout and a pleasant shade of green, good luck!


good looking site.... very simple and elegant
your photography is great...but then you know that.
I have to confess that having your watermark through the middle of your images is a HUGE distraction.


You have done some wonderful work here. Good luck to you. Keep it going.
Ruth (USA)

Pretty Pictures

Good to see these lovely pictures showcased somewhere properly. Keep up the good work! :)
Clare D


Congratulations Elizabeth, a wonderful website.
I enjoyed walking through your landscapes and to see the flora and fauna in perfect macro detail.
I also found much inspiration in your creative gallery.
may the site grow with many more images of similar high quality of nature's beauty.
Julius J

Your Web Area

Stunning to see your own web area on the Internet. It's smart, clear and stunning to see your images shown so well. I wish you only many years of joy and happy days recording your mind's eye in beautiful detail.
Raymond Psaila